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Sérum Erythros is a cocktail of seven active ingredients that target the visible signs of rosacea. They combine to act synergistically on three complementary fronts to reduce visible areas of redness, make broken veins less apparent on the skin surface, and soothe any tingling sensations.  Recommended for Skin Instants© prone to rosacea.

  • Reduces visible redness.
  • Soothes and protect against inflammation.
  • Calms down the itchiness.
  • Reduces skin bloodstream.
  • Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels.  ( in vitro tests)
  • A cocktail of 9 active ingredients objectively tested on sensitive skin instants prone to rosacea.
  • 3 complementary and synergistic actions:  visibly eases redness, regulates vascularization, reduces skin bloodstream
  • Ideal for the treatment of skin with rosacea tendency.
  • Easy to apply, the product is rapidly absorbed.
  • Use it combined with Verte Espoir A.R. or Emulsion Gel Biosensible to fight rosacea symptoms while enhancing comfort.
  • Serum Erythros was formulated specifically for skin instants that are prone to rosacea and are extremely sensitive.
  • This targeted serum eases diffuse redness of the face and tends to reduce the skin bloodstream and the formation of new blood vessels.

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