Biologique Recherche


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Biologique Recherche Serum Colostrum VG is an intensive lipid-restoring treatment that strengthens the skin barrier to reduce dryness on the surface and maintain in depth hydration.  Its formula gives it incomparable nourishing properties, helping to reduce surface dryness and maintain deep hydration in the skin.  Instantly nourished, the skin is softer and feels comfortable.

Provides intensive treatment for dehydrated, and undernourished skin instants.  It's recommended for those with very dry skin or mature skin (menopause).

  • Intensely restores lipids in the skin
  • Maintains in-depth skin hydration
  • Strengthens skin barrier
  • Prevents tightness
  • Provides a sensation of comfort and suppleness

Apply 8 -10 drops of Serum Colostrum on clean skin over the face and neck in a light ascending massage until the product has been completely absorbed.

A few drops of Sérum Colostrum may be added to the creams for greater instant comfort.  Serum Colostrum can be combined with all the other biological Quintessential Serums.

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