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Lotion P50T has been formulated to suit all skin types with a formula rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients.   

  • Sensitive: by the proportion of acid and the soothing arnica extract
  • Seborrheic: through purifying the pores and sebum-regulating platform
  • Dehydrated: thanks to high percentage of humectant content and natural moisturising factors 

This lotion gently exfoliates the skin on a daily basis, regulates sebum secretion, hydrates and helps balance/maintain the epidermis' acid pH.  It also regenerates your skin by improving the strength and quality of the epidermis.  Improves the efficacy of the products used afterwards, being a mask or serums.  It also prevents and treats in-grown hairs, making it ideal for pre/post shaving care.

In the first week,  after shaking the bottle, apply 5-6 drops of the lotion on a damp cotton round pat/press over face, neck, decollete, and back of hands.  Work by pressing  in an upward motion.  After the first week,  following your appropriate cleansing milk, apply P50 on a dry cotton pad morning and night.  Follow with your full Biologique Recherche routine.  Avoid contact with the eye area.  Use sunscreen with this product. 

*Don't apply P50 if you're going to the beach or pool.  

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