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Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Corps  is a must-have for anyone who wants soft, silky skin.  It features the “P50” core formula with a reinforced exfoliating action, linked to the specific thickness of the body’s epidermis.  This indispensable product cleanses and balances the skin.  The Spray version is easy to apply all over the body.

Removes dead skin cells, softens roughness, good for thick skin on the elbow, clears up acne on the back and chest, and nourishes and prepares the skin for cream or oil afterwards.  Never use alone or your skin may feel sticky. After applying with your hands, massage upwards with the Biologique Recherche silicone glove. (found under accessories)  Use daily.

  • Stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation.
  • Accelerates cellular renewal.
  • Purifies the epidermis by eliminating its dead cells.
  • Balances the pH on the skin’s surface.
  • Enhances the action of the products used after its application.
  • The spray bottle facilitates the application of the lotion over the entire body.

CAUTION: Don’t use on sun burn

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