Biologique Recherche


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Biologique Recherche Eau Micellaire Biosensible combines hydrating and toning qualities with soothing and gently cleansing qualities, to remove makeup and purify the skin without destabilizing the hydrolipidic film.

This gentle cleanser is perfect for very sensitive, irritated, red and reactive skin types including Rosacea.  Can be used by all skin types as a first cleanse as it is great for helping to remove sunscreen.

Dispense on a cotton round and gently clean the entire face and neck.  Repeat until all impurities and makeup are gone.


  • Instantly captures impurities and traces of make-up and sunscreen
  • Respects the physiological balance and hydrolipidic film of sensitive skin
  • Tones the epidermis
  • Soothes irritated epidermis
  • Provides comfort and softness


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