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Environ Body Derma-Lac Lotion contains a medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) for use on rough, sun damaged and congested skin.

This hydrating lotion helps smooth and soften dry, rough skin on the elbows, feet and knees as well as providing an overall soothing experience.

  • These gentle non-toxic acids help to soften and smooth the appearance of skin.
  • Helps in hydrating and improving the appearance of rough, dry, calloused skin on elbows, knees, heels and feet.
  • Good for treating Keratosis Pilaris and ingrown hairs.
  • Deeply moisturises the skin.
  • Brief tingling of the skin may be experienced after application.
  • Good for so many concerns including pigmentation, congestion, photo damage, stretch marks, scars, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris and dry/rough skin.
  • Use in combination with Environ Vitamin ACE Oil

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