Biologique Recherche Quintessential Serums - HYDRATING SERUMS

Quintessential Serums are the purest formulas in the BR face range and contain active ingredients in the form of amino acids or short peptides.  These water-based serums are lightweight but have high concentrations of raw active ingredients to deliver results. They are designed to target specific imbalances in the skin such as dehydration, fine lines etc.  They are applied after P50 and they deeply penetrate into the skin before you apply your moisturiser.  You can apply the serums in layers or mix them for your personalized cocktail depending on the needs of your skin.  You can apply 3 – 4 different water based serums at a time, but always have one of the 3 hydrating serums in your skin care regime.  Apply 8 – 10 drops to the whole face.

Hydration is the key to having Healthy Skin and I always have 1 or 2 of the BR hydrating serums in my skincare regime depending on the level of hydration I need.  If you are breaking out in one area, use Extraits Tissulaires, if you need more hydration in another area, use Amniotique or Colostrum.  These three BR serums are the most potent hydrating boosters depending on how much hydration your skin needs . . .

Serum Extraits Tissulaires – This serum offers the lightest hydration for the face and can be applied on the eye contour area as well to help smooth fine lines.  It’s rich in Alpine Pink Laurel Tissue Extract and continuously captures and diffuses water to re-establish the skin’s water balance.   Skin that is breaking out needs to be hydrated to help stop the production of more sebum.  Ideal for normal to combination, oily or acneic skin.

Serum Amniotique – This is the 2nd level of hydration and helps to maintain the skin’s water levels at maximum levels to improve skin tightness and is great for soothing your skin.  Plant stem cells and prickly pear extract neutralise the effects of skin dryness for long lasting action.  This serum an also be used for under the eye contour. Recommended for normal to dry skin instants, even sensitive, reactive ones. 

Serum Colostrum - This is the most hydrating and lipid replenishing serum to strengthen your barrier to help prevent dryness and maintain hydration in the deeper layers of your skin.  It also considerably increases the skin’s elasticity.  This highly active serum provides intense hydration, restores comfort and deeply nourishes your skin. Recommended for dehydrated or mature skin instants.